Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Jellies on the beach

Itchy and swelling ant bites

Cleaning up after 6 boys

Miss Sharan’s encouraging words and help in the kitchen

Brother Bill’s hugs and inspiring words

Homemade Jambalaya and Gumbo

Southern Sweet tea like every day

Thriller dance every Sunday

Taco Wednesdays

Random burns from the kitchen

Sweating from intense humidity at 8am, 3pm, 11pm, 1am…

Sunday Black Staff Shirts and nametags

Meat parties I watched the boys partake in

Freedom Walk

Shirtless truck drivers

Showering in a trailer

Sleeping on an air mattress in a materials closet

Taking quick naps on the sanctuary pews

Foot washing every Wednesday night and burning sins every Thursday

Getting to pray with High schoolers seeking for something more

Great Staff I lived with for the last 10 weeks

Goodbye Hancock County, Although we have left you, The Lord refuses to leave!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Loving those who persecute you

As I was on site this morning, a woman came up to me that was apart of my work crew and completely attacked me. She started out attacking our ministry and how we have it set up. She was upset at the project they were at and that we wouldn't "let" them go to the roofing site with the rest of their church, a different crew. She continued to say how it was hard to be told what to do when we were so young and they were "go getters" and have all been managers etc. Then she switched to cutting specifically at me. How I help lead worship, how I explain games, my message choice and that just overall they were trying their best not to judge me based on my front I put up towards them. The other church all week has been really encouraging me all week for my leadership and message and were just really supportive, so this was definitely an attack without any strong validity but more preference and not good conflict skills. This complete attack and rant went on for about 15 minutes until Luke saved me and I broke down in the car. Usually I think I could have brushed it off but when my body, mind, and entire being is fried from the end of the summer, I balled like a baby! It was hard because this woman is the pastor’s wife and a Christian counselor and she went out of her way to reprimand me and my team, saying specific phrases like “I realize you guys are still very young and we are a lot older..” I instantly thought of 1 Tim 4:12 and wanted to use it in my words as some sort of come back but I knew that the Lord wanted me to set an example by taking it humbly and graciously receiving her criticism. Ok, got through the attack, now the tough part… I still have to show her love for the rest of the week. When she should be mentoring me and showing me wisdom, I am called to be an example as Timothy was. Maybe the heat is really getting to her and she is just having a really tough week. Please be praying for me so I can be an example well.

Monday, August 2, 2010


It is getting to the end of summer, the whole staff is worn out, and we have become 7 different units instead of a team (in my opinion). I think a lot of it has to do with just being down right exhausted, but we have all, me included, become so consumed with our own specific jobs and “responsibilities” that we begin to divide. First we start pointing fingers, either physically and verbally or just internal frustration and bitterness, about how another person is not doing as much as me. Then that bitterness turns into a conscious decision to not help out with “someone else’s” task because it is not my responsibility. Then comes the justification of why I shouldn’t have to help; I deserve a rest anyway. Then we are each left frustrated, tired, and no one to lean on for support. I think Satan does a really good job at doing this inside the body of Christ. He gives us a sense of entitlement instilling bitterness towards one another because he knows we are more powerful when we are on mission together working as one unit. All I can do I guess is pray and continue to lay down my personal thoughts of entitlements and be more of a servant. Lord help me be more like you and not point fingers at others; keep my eyes on you alone unless it is to care for another.

Family Week 1

This week (or last week when the internet finally works to the point of being able to post) is our first family week. It is interesting dynamics because about a third of the group is a youth group from Indiana while their youth leader has brought her one year old. The rest of the group is actual families, some husbands and wives, some mother and children, most husband, wife and children groups. The youngest one, beside the one year old, is a six year old. Then the age jumps to 11 and 12 and up. It has actually been really neat to see the parents serving as an example and teaching their son or daughter how to use a certain tool etc. it has also been awesome cleaning wise because there is so many mom’s here! The place is looking cleaner this week than any other week! Miss Sharan, the amazing local that has been helping in the kitchen all summer, is so happy with how clean it is.

Worship Transformation

One of the most tangible things we see growth in the students is in worship progression throughout the week. On Sunday, when we have songs where you are supposed to jump or do action, there are usually only a small portion that actually participates. Mid week we are usually up to a little over half and only a few crossed arms. By the end of the week, the entire sanctuary is jumping and dancing with passion before the Lord with out fail. It is so encouraging and inspiring to see a little bit of the fruit of what the Lord is doing in each of their lives.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


It is about that time again. I love doing things where I do not know anyone else prior to a trip, event, etc. Part of the reason for this is because I love meeting new people and that awkward first meeting (that is why new students each week is perfect for me). This can be a really good thing, but I also have really negative reasons for my desire to go into something unknown. I have a fear of rejection that consists of assuming that people will reject me once they truly know me and begin to see my flaws. The Lord has been working hard on my heart over the last year and I know He does not want me to continue to flee. Still I am beginning to feel the temptation to flee from my staff who is beginning to get to know me in a way where my flaws are on my sleeves, and they have the choice then to accept or to reject. The easy fix, in my mind, is to isolate myself and know I can flee from the situation in 2 weeks. I know that is not what the Lord wants, though, so please be praying for a strong finish in this race with the people the Lord has placed me to work alongside.

Miracle Child

This week I worked with a crew building a deck. At Buba O'Malley's, whose house burned completely down and are now living in a trailer. The daughter, Danielle, was diagnosed with
Osteoporosis when she was born. The docters told her she would never walk, talk, go to school, or have children. Danielle is now walking, talking, and graduating in two years with a degree in
Accounting and will be going for her masters after that.

When she was 17 she became pregnant, and the doctors told her that either she or the baby would not survive because of her disability. She spent two weeks in the hospital after the delivery and will never be able to have another baby, but Brelynn is now 2 yrs old and so beautiful! At two, she already says she wants to be an animal doctor. She is so smart, fun, and friendly. My job was very rewarding this week!

Danielle's mom, as they live with her parents, started
to cry when she saw the beautiful deck my crew built this week. She was so touched
to see her daughter, Danielle, be able to walk down the stairs by herself for the very first time in her life!